"The Extraterrestrial Sermons"

Being a study of how the reception of extraterrestrial transmissions might affect world religions.

Twelve scenarios examine how Islamic, Christian, and Hindu clergy might react to three different types of extraterrestrial messages.

For Richard Braastad's

Master of Science Degree
Studies of the Future

University of Houston -- Clear Lake

Background Information

70-meter (230-ft.) diameter deep space antenna in Evpatoria, Ukraine used for my interstellar radio transmissions.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Alexander Zaitsev, Russian Academy of Science.

  • Based on an actual attempt to make First Contact with ET: Cosmic Call 1999. *
  • "Active SETI" a.k.a. "CETI," "METI," "BETI." Instead of listening for alien messages, Cosmic Call I999 sent messages to stars that may harbor extraterrestrial intelligence.
  • Four powerful interstellar radio messages were broadcast in spring 1999.
  • Included scientific messages (such as the famous 1974 Arecibo transmission) as well as messages from everyday people.
  • The Extraterrestrial Sermons assume aliens receive Cosmic Call 1999 and reply.
  • How might Earth's major religions react to a message from ET?

The Extraterrestrial Sermons

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Title Page
Signature Page
Project Description (10 pages)
Research Summary (35 pages)
Scenarios (74 pages)
Appendix A (1 page)
Appendix B (13 pages)
Appendix C (1 page, refers to a separate chart, "Religious Affiliation of World Population")
Appendix D (1 page) Note that Appendix D refers to certain pages of the "Encounter 2001 Teachers Guide." Click here to see those selected pages.

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