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Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)

The SETI Institute -- Does cool SETI stuff, although I disagree with their views of CETI!
The Planetary Society -- Founded by the late Carl Sagan.
The SETI League -- Another good group.
Astrobiology Magazine
Invitation to ETI -- Cool site!
Space Services Inc. -- My employer.

Also, you might want to check out my SETI-related Masters Project.

Deep Space Antenna in Evpatoria, Ukraine used for some interstellar radio transmissions (which I helped coordinate).
Photo courtesy of Dr. Alexander Zaitsev, Russian Academy of Sciences (and a good friend!).

SETI@home project
Use your PC to help scientists search for extraterrestrial intelligence!

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Space Activist Organizations

The Planetary Society -- Besides its involvement in SETI, the organization has long advocated the robotic exploration of the solar system, with an emphasis on Mars. Founded by the late Carl Sagan, it is by far the largest space activist organization.
National Space Society -- Primarily supports NASA's human space exploration program.
Space Frontier Foundation -- Brings a "free enterprise" approach to space exploration and development.
ProSpace -- "A grassroots organization of American citizens dedicated to opening the Space Frontier to ALL people as rapidly as possible."
The Mars Society -- The youngest of the major space activist organizations. Headed by Dr. Robert Zubrin, the space activist community's current guru!
Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) -- For high school and college students. An excellent student organization that helped me develop my interest in space.
Canadian Space Society -- Traces its roots back to the old L5 Society, a predecessor organization to the National Space Society.

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Space Agencies

Argentine National Commission on Space Activities
British National Space Centre
Canadian Space Agency
Dragon Space (info about PRC space activities)
European Space Agency
French Space Agency
German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Indian Space Research Organization
National Space Agency of Ukraine
National Space Development Agency of Japan
The Netherlands Agency for Aerospace Programmes (in Dutch)
Norwegian Space Centre
Romanian Space Agency
Russian Space Agency
Russian Space Research Institute
Swedish Space Corporation
United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA)

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Some Interesting Space Companies

Arianespace -- Based in France, the world's leading commercial launch service provider.
Orbital Sciences Corporation
International Launch Systems
Sea Launch -- Joint venture of Boeing, Norway, Russia & Ukraine.
UP Aerospace
Space Services/Celestis/Name A Star Live/Give The World
Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX)
United Launch Alliance

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Space Missions

NASA's Great Observatories

Other Interesting Missions

(NASA Comet Sample Return Mission)
Ulysses solar polar orbiter
Mars Global Surveyor
Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn & Titan
Mars Exploration Rover Mission



On-line night sky chart
Offered by the Weather Underground, you enter your zip code and this site produces a chart showing what stars and planets are visible from your location tonight!
Astronomy Magazine
I highly recommend it.
Astronomical Society of the Pacific
U.S. Naval Observatory
Houston Astronomical Society
Getting Started in Astronomy
Some tips I have for those who want to become amateur astronomers.
International Dark Sky Association
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
Astronomy Club Directory
Find an astronomy club near you!
George Observatory
Located in Brazos Bend State Park (near Houston)
Rice University Campus Observatory
Night Sky Info - Weekly information about the night sky and articles on selected astronomical topics.
Sidewalk Astronomers

Bubble Nebula

Photo Credit: Space Telescope Science Institute

Astronomers, using the Wide Field Planetary Camera 2 on board NASA's Hubble Space Telescope in October and November 1997 and April 1999, imaged the Bubble Nebula (NGC 7635) with unprecedented clarity.


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Sites with Impressive Sets of Space-related Links

Bob's Space Links
Ben's Space Pages

Internet Aerospace Links

Space Frontier Foundation's Links

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Jonathan's Space Home Page
I highly recommend it.
X-Prize Foundation -- Modeled after the early 20th century contest that encouraged early aviators (like Charles Lindbergh) to cross the Atlantic. The X-Prize is encouraging space transportation.
Downsize the Solar System -- Parody of Congressional space policy wonks in action!
Institute for Cooperation in Space
Space Daily
Science Daily
Spaceflight Now
NASA Watch -- Online source of unofficial NASA & space-related news.
Texas Aerospace Commission
Alaska Aerospace Development Corporation
YETI@home -- Parody of SETI@home project
NASA's space commercialization page
International Space University
CNN's Space Page
Satellite Passes -- Observe the space shuttle and other spacecraft fly over your community
Small Satellites Homepage
Adler Planetarium (Chicago)
Cassini-Huygens Position in Space
Naming Stars

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